people playing on the beach painting

Gordon Barker - Naïve Artist

Gordon Barker is a critically acclaimed naïve artist based in the UK. His unusual work includes unique abstract paintings and landscapes that have the ability to transport you to another place and time. Gordon’s inspirational art is sought after by both corporate organisations and private collectors throughout the world including Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan and South Korea. He is available for exclusive art commissions and also has a collection of paintings available to purchase online.


With the unerring ability to create landscapes through the innocent viewpoint of a child’s eyes, Gordon Barker’s landscape paintings take you back to days gone by. Included within his distinctive portfolio are scenes of snowy days, firework displays and family days out at the seaside. Through his eclectic skill and artistic talent, each painting he creates has the unusual potential to strike a chord in the viewer, invoking sentimental childhood memories.

people playing a game of football painting
golden red abstract painting

Abstract Artwork

Vibrant and unusual, Gordon’s abstract artwork is characterised by his unique perception of the world, which he affectionately refers to as ‘Barker World’. Ever the experimentalist, Gordon’s paintings demonstrate his boundless exploration of the relationship between colour, form, texture and light. His pieces typically fuse a combination of bold primary colours and a range of unusual artistic techniques. This juxtaposition of disparate influences gives his work both depth and intrigue. Through his natural artistic talent and creative vision, Gordon creates thought-provoking abstract wall art that will stand out in any environment.

About Gordon Barker

With a passion for creating art that brings happiness and pleasure, Gordon is dedicated to producing extraordinary artwork that moves people. His work can be found in renowned corporate offices such as MTV and AT&T, private collections and galleries across the globe. Occasionally, he releases limited edition greetings cards which feature popular examples of his art.

gordon smiling as he is about to paint
snowy field with fireworks in the distance painting

What is Naïve Art?

Naïve art is an expression that describes the work of artists that have not been classically trained. Often, naïve artists reject formal tuition in an effort to avoid influence while preserving their own natural artistic flair.

Art Commissioning

Gordon welcomes commission work and regularly creates exclusive pieces for private and corporate clients. If you have an idea, then get in touch to arrange a personal appointment for art commissioning.