About Gordon Barker Artist

Gordon Barker is an established artist based in Devon, England. He has built a reputation that has attracted global attention for producing extraordinary and timeless art that appeals to all ages. As a naïve artist, he approaches each piece from a unique perspective, creating interesting and complex art that embodies his own personal style.

More from Gordon…

“I was born in Gibraltar. As a youngster, my family and I moved around the world whilst my father was serving in the army. We finally settled in Northamptonshire when I was 12. It was there I met my wife.

My love of painting started early. Subsequently, I was encouraged by my art teacher to attend art college. I decided against it because I didn’t want to dilute my own unique style of art with being taught to paint in the way of someone else. I wanted to keep my own style without being influenced by anyone else. I’ve had a few exhibitions over the years although most of my work has been sold via art galleries or private commissions.

I am truly passionate about my creations. As soon as I finish a piece, I already have an idea for my next, never losing my desire to create another unique work of art.

In late 1983 I sold my first painting to a recording company in Milton Keynes. This gave me the confidence to promote my work to a wider market. This was just the start. Over the next few years I sold over nine hundred originals. Clients included companies such as MTV Europe, The Gap, AT&T and also many private collectors. Many of these were commissions which have helped to develop my unique style of painting.

I have paintings in corporate and private collections in many countries across the world such as France, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Denmark, Japan, United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.”


Gordon Barker is available by appointment to provide artwork commissions. He can transform your concept with his inspirational talent and unique artistic stamp, to create something truly unforgettable. For further information or to arrange a commission, please contact Gordon for a personal consultation.